Hydro+ The Science

The Battle against Dehydration

  • Whenever you exercise you lose fluid through sweat and water vapour 
  • Fluid loss can be high and if it is not replaced dehydration can follow
  • Exercise is harder if you are dehydrated and you will suffer fatigue quicker
  • When we sweat we not only lose water but important electrolytes. 

Electrolytes Plus Water Help Improve Hydration Above And Beyond Just Water Alone

Becuase when we sweat we lose salt (electrolytes including potassium, calcium, sodium and magnesium) and it is these salts that help our bodies store water and function at its very best.

Drinking Hydro as opposed to Plain Water Can Improve Your Performance Levels

Numerous scientific studies have proven that drinking an electrolyte enriched drink such as Hydro+ before, during and after exercise is significantly more effective than plain water for maintaining exercise performance, recovery and increasing fat loss.

Maintaining The Balance

Staying hydrated is all about fluid balance, ensuring that whatever we lose we replace like for like. Without adequate amunts of both fluids and electrolytes rehydration will be neither rapid nor complete.

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